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Quality Synonyms

(See also comparative and degrees of comparison.) In English, the superlative form is often formed by appending -est, or using the word most. For example, the superlative of big is “biggest”; of confident, “most confident”. Possessional adjectiveAn adjective indicating that a noun is in possession of some other noun , commonly formed in English by adding the suffix -ed, -ful, -y, -ous, -able, -ual, -ish, -ar, -esque or -like. For example, an animal is bushy-tailed if it is in possession of a bushy tail, a person filled with disdain is disdainful, and a garden is leafy if there are many leaves on the plants there. Commonly idiomatic, such as in pinheaded or red-faced. Not to be confused with possessive adjectives, which indicate who possesses a noun, or relational adjectives, which are often formed in the same way. See also private adjectives, which denote the opposite.

Quality Synonyms

This can occur either within a word or between words. ApheresisThe removal of a letter or sound from the Quality Synonyms beginning of a word. AntonymA word with a meaning that is the opposite of a meaning of another word.

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A word or group of words that functions as a single unit in the syntax of a sentence, usually consisting of a head, or central word, and elaborating words. Examples are the good boy , very strange , and in the house .

Loanwords may still be recognisably foreign (having non-native spelling or unusual pronunciation), or have become completely assimilated into the language . For example, in English, schadenfreude is still recognisably German, while cellar is fully assimilated and no longer recognisably Latin (from cellārium). Sometimes a loanword can be both fully assimilated and still recognised as foreign, e.g. taco, burrito, etc. InitialismAn abbreviation that is formed from the initial letters of a sequence of words.

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Examples in English are “blackboard” (a type of board which is black) and “houseboat” . Contrast determinative compounds, where the modified component but not the modifier refer to the intended meaning as a whole, as in “rainbow” and “footstool”. Descriptive compounds are a subtype of endocentric compounds, which are in turn contrasted with exocentric and coordinative compounds. DefectiveNormally would be expected to have a full set of inflected forms, but some of the inflections do not exist or are never used.

Quality Synonyms

Accusative case, acc.A case that is usually used as the direct object of a verb. For example, if English had a fully productive case system, then ball in “The man threw the ball” would most likely be in the accusative. Abstract nounA noun that denotes an idea, emotion, feeling, quality or other abstract or intangible concept, as opposed to a concrete item, or a physical object. Ablative caseA case that indicates separation, or moving away from something. For example, if English had a fully productive case system that included the ablative case, then in the phrase came from the city, either “the city” or “from the city” would likely be in the ablative. In some languages, such as Latin, this case has acquired many other uses and does not strictly indicate separation anymore. A well-placed synonym or idiom can often equal the difference between a bland, boring message and one that resonates with meaning and focus.

Quality Synonyms with Examples

Examples in English are “rainbow” and “footstool” (a type of stool, intended for one’s feet). Contrast descriptive compounds, where both the modifier and modified component refer to the intended meaning as a whole, as in “blackboard” or “houseboat”.

Quality Synonyms

TmesisThe insertion of one or more words between the components of a compound word. SuffixA morpheme added to the end of a word to modify its meaning. SubstratumA language stratum which has lower cultural or political prestige than the one which it influences.

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Normally distinguished from a clause, a similar group of words that contains a verb. NonvirileIn Slavic languages, a plural gender used for all groups that do not contain men, as well as plurals of masculine animate, masculine inanimate, feminine and neuter nouns. Contrast virile.not comparableSee uncomparable. MetonymA word that names an object from a single characteristic of it or of a closely related object, e.g. ‘crown’ for the sovereign in a monarchy. This commonly results in the exact etymological lineage of a term being difficult or impossible to trace for a given language.

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Hot wordA newly coined term, or newly adopted sense of an existing term, that has become very popular in a short time. It is kept provisionally as it is likely to remain in usage, even though it fails the “spanning at least one year” requirement of the Criteria For Inclusion on Wiktionary. HomophoneA word which is pronounced the same as another word but differs in spelling, meaning or origin. GeminationA phenomenon when a consonant is pronounced for an audibly longer period of time than is done normally. FormalDescribes word choice and syntax which is mainly appropriate in formal contexts, such as in official or legal documents, essays, and sometimes when talking with one’s superiors or elders. Informal terms, frequently those that originate through casual speech , are often inappropriate in formal contexts.

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OnomatopoeiaA word that is meant to sound like what it represents. English examples are kaboom, cuckoo, tweet and ding dong. NonstandardNot conforming to the language as accepted by the majority of its speakers.

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